timepiece project description

We,  mccoll-misme group are starting a new project  in which the concept lays on time, measuring everyday life actions for period of a month. This method will help us to collect the specific material for the development of  our next installation/performance.

This process is looking at the analysis of the conditions and time in which the human body lives the everyday counscious and unconscious actions.

For this to happen we will be measuring each activity throughout the day for a period of a month starting on Sunday 4th of July 2010 at midnight.

The recorded activities will be the following:

Sleeping, taking showers, dressing, travelling, the amount of time we spend on the phone, in front of the computer, working, watching films, listening music, other kind of entertainments, eating, having sex, masturbating, drinking, smoking, procrastinating, cooking, shopping, crying, laughing, hurting, reading, meetings, mum/cat duties, in the toilet, period and house duties.

During these next 4 weeks we will be posting our thoughts about this process as well as leaving traces of the journey…


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