Timepiece- We are only human!!!

Sunday 4 April, 15.11 min

Less than 24 hours ago we have started “Timepiece”, recording the time of, travelling, sleeping, cooking, laughing, toilet, entertainment, computer, music and we have realised that we are only human….. meaning that it is almost impossible as active people to keep a record of every single activities we perform throughout the day. Frustration got us!!!!

So we have decided that a clearer and more efficient methodology needed to be applied to our project in order to make it possible. We define a new categorization of the daily activities selecting the ones, which are not essential duties for living and surviving but concentrating on the activities that we choose and decide to perform every day.

The new methodology for data collection will be:

Duration (stopwatch)

Travelling, phone, computer, work

Times (abacus)

Entertainment  “the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment”  (film, arts, music, concert, performance, going out…)


Sex, Masturbating

Traces (digital recorder)

Feeling, moods, laughing, crying, hurt

We just realised that for us it is more important to leave word traces of feelings, moods than to quantify it.

We will re-evaluate this new methodology in a week time and keep you posted.


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