beyond (prototype 2)

My collaborators and I  had the possibility to create a new architectural environment for beyond as part of the Interaktionslabor 2011, in the former coalmine Göttelborn in Germany this August 2011. The piece was opened to the public and was successfully appreciated “and the work [placed] on the threshold, between inside and outside, [was] amazing” (Birringer, 2011).

There, it was rear projected on a very wide plastic sheet hung between two bays window doors.  The installation fitted organically within the industrial environment as the film depicts a multi-layering of raw structures. It was enthralling to see the piece set in a new contemporary and site-specific environment and having the possibility to explore the hugeness of the space.  This prototype offers a new contextualization and a new perspective for the viewers who were outside of the building while viewing the piece.

a short excerpt of beyond (prototype 2):

Pictures :



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