beyond (prototype 1)

beyond was premiered at the Artaud Centre for Performance  at Brunel University, London on the 9th of June.

An immersive multimedia installation exploring the gap between the body skin and abandoned houses. The skin is used to glimpse the multi-compositional layering wondering about ‘in-betweeness’ and how do the structures work, rather than as an empty space, as an emptiness charged with substance and time.

Conceived and directed by Anne-Laure Misme, beyond  is a collaborative project with artists Sandy Finlayson, and Jennifer McColl. While exploring the interval of these multiple layers,  beyond  is conceptually based on the Japanese ideas of ‘ma’ and ‘oku‘ integrating Gordon Matta-Clark’s aesthetic and exploring the phenomenological movement of the audience and the performer.

beyond media is projected in a architectural environment made up of  six transparent screens that are hung diagonally in the space and separated by a meter each. ” Also, since the relationship of spaces was integral I tried to create interesting timbal and rhythmical relationships between the layers by using a 4.1 channel sound system. Placing the four speakers in the corner of the room really encouraged people to explore the space and move around the hanging screens, gaining a changing perspective on both sound and visual elements and in many ways cementing them together. The subwoofer also played an important role giving ‘Beyond’ a close and somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere” (Finlayson, 2011).

Film (for better audio experience use headphones while watching the film):

Director of pictures AL.Misme
Filmed by J.McColl & M.Rocha
Stills AL.Misme
Editing AL.Misme
Sound S.Finlayson

Pictures from the installation in London taken by G. & N. Hooper:



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